SHORT ARTICLE (12 Min Read) – 12 Ways to Annihilate Your Inner Critic – Peace of Mind, Confidence & a Guilt-Free Existence (PART TWO)


I got carried away writing this article and it turned out to be much longer than I thought. So I split it into two articles. The second part is below. 

The link to the first part is here:

(I recommend reading this first if you have not done so already.)


1. Allow Others to Give to You

Notice how you resist or decline gifts or acts of generosity from others. 

Example: When people offer to pay for your lunch.

Example: When others give you something with no expectations of returning the favor. 

Example: When people treat you to something. 

For now, just notice this. Start poking holes in your case that you should not accept such gifts.


2. Learn to Manage Your Promises & Time (with Joy!)

One of the number one sources of stress is your calendar and how you relate to it. 

This is because the context in which you have time, your calendar and your promises is one designed by and with your inner critics - and also a lineage of inner critics (your ancestors, people from history, your community history)  going back to the beginning of time :-). 

THE OPPORTUNITY: There is an opportunity for you to have a calendar designed with nurturing and real success and joy! 

Want to learn a more nurturing, yet super effective way to have a Joyful Calendar?


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3. Dismissing the Inner Critic

One of the most effective ways to diminish the inner critic is to dismiss it outright. This may involve some profanity on your part towards the critic. I encourage you to do this.


4. Press the Accelerator where Appropriate

I invite you to press the accelerator on the things that you love to do that are healthy for you. They may not be the things that the inner critic deems right for you and your success, but they are the things that make you feel better and actually become a better human being. 

Exercise: Start making a list of such activities that energize and make you feel better.  Review the list every two weeks and do at least one thing in that list to start.


5. Press the Decelerator where Appropriate

Similarly, make a list of activities that stifle your creativity and your joy. 

Start decelerating these activities.  Example: spend less time per week doing this item on your list. This may include finding someone else to do these activities for you.


6. Pay Attention to, Discover and Play with the Energies in you and around you

Consider that there are energies within you and between you and others.  This may sound outlandish and I would not argue with you on this point. 

But if you do pay attention to these energies  (e.g. what you feel in others, or in yourself or between you and others) - imagined or otherwise, you will discover greater insights into what really occurs within you and with others, and what really matters more deeply to you e.g. love energies, caring for your community, etc. 


  • BONUS: Be Belligerent

For some of you severely belittled by your inner critic, you may need to be belligerent - VERY BELLIGERENT. 

What does this look like?

One way to do this is to start making more outlandish requests to other people. Make requests of things that you really desire. 

Be prepared for people to say no.  Be prepared for people to say yes. 

Practice being belligerent in this way. 


  • BONUS: Be a Champion For You - That May Mean Going Easier On Yourself

Last but not least, is to start championing yourself in response to the inner critic. Start choosing more of what nurtures you - what elevates you.  If you are ultra cautious, practice doing things that nurture and spoil you.   Start acknowledging yourself and having good friends share acknowledgments of you. 

Are you ready to start putting the inner critic into the background?

Are you ready to start living your life fully with your full self-expression?


I hope you do. Have a great self-expressed week!

Sunil Bhaskaran. 

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  1. I LOVE this article, Sunil. I love the brilliance that shines through with every thought. So well articulated. Thank you for sharing your deep wisdom. It makes a difference, Sunil.


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