Be passionate again. Uncover what it is that makes you truly great.




Be passionate again. Uncover what it is that makes you truly great.

About Sunil

Sunil is a globally-recognized speaker, trainer, educator, and author. He brings 30+ years of building and implementing successful business plans to entrepreneurs, small business owners, and companies worldwide. His expertise includes leadership, sales, marketing, and global business. 

Sunil is the founder of Global Business Mastermind, a highly sought after training program helping business owners grow their audiences and reach. Sunil has a Meetup organization of more than 150,000+ business owners and professionals across the US, UK, Canada and now in South East Asia. 

His true love lies in global business community building and generating collaborative, profitable businesses. Sunil effortlessly blends his business, technology, and academic backgrounds to mentor business owners and help them take their ventures to new, solvent heights. 

Sunil brings a multifaceted approach to business through his knowledge of the social sciences, economics, literature, and cognitive neuroscience to curate innovative insights. Born and raised in Singapore, Sunil’s exposure to diverse perspectives and different categories of thinking has greatly influenced how he approaches business.

He lives in the Bay area with his lovely wife, Glenda. 


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Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to create 100 Million Joyful & Successful Entrepreneurs Globally by 2050.
Our Values are:
  1. Integrity
  2. Honoring the Creative Aspects of Humanity
  3. Mindful Innovation - being open to new information, fresh perspectives & new categories of thinking
  4. Honoring the Impulse to Make a Difference
  5. Well-Being & Health - making well being and health the foundation of operation as an effective leader in your business

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