Client Testimonials


The coaching program with Sunil has been an eye-opening one for me as an entrepreneur, visionary, creative, mom and wife!

Not only did I get 8 more hours of free time per week, as promised, but I also had a 50% percent increase so far in income this year with a marked improvement in productivity. Also, I now charge about 50% more without any guilt because I know my value in the market place.

The qualitative breakthroughs are even more significant for me - confidence, presence, sticking to my higher priced offers and being able to negotiate calmly for what I believe is my talent and skills - this is valuable and I am very grateful.

Christi Williford, Founder and Creative Director, Elemental Studio Design Co.

sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Laurel Harte-Westover

Making the investment to work with Sunil is the best thing I’ve done for myself and my coaching/speaking/consulting practice.  I have grown from a beginner in business into an entrepreneur who is making it on my own.  Sunil helped me put my ideas into context, develop my target audience and call upon my integrity to conduct myself and my business with consistency and confidence.  My superpower – being a wise, disarming warrior who leads with love to help people change negative past experiences into fuel for a positive future – now infuses everything I do, from managing my time to meeting with clients, and creates an unlimited future of possibilities.

Sunil’s belief in me and in what I do – along with his insight and “take no bullshit” approach - allowed me to really hear his advice and take it to heart, moving me from simply wishing for success to setting and achieving concrete goals.  In one year, my event audiences and client load have tripled, and I am on track to replace the monthly income from my former job by the end of this year.  I am serving more people and feeling more competent, energized, and excited by this work than I ever dreamed possible.  Sunil’s programs are money well-spent, with great return on investment and priceless relationships developed.  Thank you, Sunil!

 Laurel Harte-Westover, Integrity Coaching
"Believe in Yourself" Global Meetup Community

Sunil Bhaskaran transformational business coach-sharla-jacobs

"Before working with Sunil, I was brand new to starting my business. It took me about 3 months on my own to figure out that just having a business card and an office wasn’t going to fill my schedule with clients…I was barely paying my bills. And it got very scary when I had to start putting groceries on credit cards! Sunil promised me that in 90 days of coaching with him, I would triple my income. I had known him for a while and knew him as an incredibly trustworthy and high-integrity man, so I borrowed the money to invest in coaching with him and jumped in.

Sunil supported me to go beyond what I thought was possible. He provided structures to help me do what I needed to do to get clients and grow my business. He provided me with feedback for how to continuously improve my effectiveness. He gave me the plan and then helped me be accountable to fulfill on the plan to reach my income goals.

And I did! I tripled my income in 90 days, just as he promised. That was just the beginning. The coaching I got from Sunil laid a solid foundation for me to become a successful business owner. My husband and I have now made millions and are considered
leading authorities in our field. We’ve impacted tens of thousands of people through our work. I am so grateful for the coaching I did with Sunil years ago. I highly recommend you work with him if you want the shortcut to reach your goals.”

Sharla Jacobs, Award-Winning Million-Dollar Mentor

sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path eric hess

“When we at COMPASS, LLC, used Sunil’s coaching we experienced a 150% increase in size over two years. His instruction and training has left an indelible mark on how we relate to our clients and our staff. We now place a greater value on acknowledging and declaring truth and our people all make promises and hold each other accountable in healthy, productive ways. Sunil has been and remains a good friend to me and my wife  personally and to our firm.”

Eric Hess, CFO and Co-Owner, Compass, LLC


sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Alx Uttermann

"Working with Sunil is a complete joy!  I’ve been his client for nearly a year, now, and am daily impressed by his expert command of his field, his brilliant marketing mind, his capacity to synthesize complex business information/purpose into a few poetical sentences guaranteed to intrigue prospective clients.  His commitment to helping others (regardless of field) be way better at what they do (and get the accurate messaging out there!) with clarity, integrity, good humor, and a razor-sharp command of languaging is beyond inspiring — it brings results.  As a non-profit organization leader, I’ve seen our income quadruple during the time I have worked with Sunil.  As they say, the proof is in the pudding.  Sunil demystifies the process of making the pudding, knows the exact cooking temperature, duration of stirring time, and only uses high quality ingredients…. and helps highly motivated people create the results they are looking for.  I can’t recommend him enough!"

Alx Uttermann, Global Spiritual Healing Inspirational leader,  UCBK Healing Centers


sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Neil Kripalani

“I have known Sunil for over a year now. He is a top-notch coach. I have brought him into client accounts for management development and coaching and for developing a performance oriented culture in mid-sized organizations. His professionalism is evidenced by clients who repeatedly rely on his advice and continued involvement in their companies”

Neil Kripalani, Corporate Attorney, General Counsel for Companies


sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Steve Trachsel

“I have attended a number of Sunil's networking events over the last 12-18 months and he always delivers value to the attendees. Thoughtful and highly intentional to desired outcomes, Sunil has a genuine concern for the results achieved by his clients and meeting attendees alike. I strongly recommend Sunil as a speaker and his networking events.”

Steve Trachsel, President/CEO Modern Landscaping, Inc.



sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Avi Gingold

“Since we have met Sunil several weeks ago, our business had dramatically changed. He inspired us into opening our own Meetup group, which has been a great success. His guidance and support have enabled us to grow our pipeline and cultivate out leads. Sunil’s coaching program is a great program that I recommend to every business owner that wants to take his business to the next level.”

Avi Gingold, Director, Legal Shield and Leader – Successful Thinkers Networking Group – San Jose / Santa Clara

sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path terri taylor

“Sunil Bhaskaran is one of those rare mentors who truly understands the pressures and overwhelm caused by too many responsibilities and not enough time.  His simple and practical strategies for time management have allowed me to run two businesses successfully and still have time for a personal life.  I started with Sunil in a state of total ineffective overload and ended up calm, organized and about 30 percent more productive in my work week. So, that is a gain of 10-12 hours a week! Thanks!”

Terri Taylor, President and Creative Design Director




sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path rob ross

“Sunil's accountability program helped me stay focused daily, weekly and monthly to have a 40 percent increase in income this year.  Thanks Sunil, for all your support in the past, and holding me to account and continuing to challenge me to improve myself.”

Rob Ross, Realtor, Santa Cruz, CA

sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Luci Gabel
"Since I’ve met Sunil during the newest phase of my business, I’ve gained strong connections and followers from the Seattle, to the San Francisco Bay area and Los Angeles and will be branching out to the rest of the country. Sunil is a quintessential mentor for the kind of business growth everyone needs to focus on—people-centered. An added bonus: all you have to do is learn his system and replicate!"
sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Patricia DuVall

“Sunil is a great coach. To watch and learn from him was outstanding. If you’re, looking for work, you will learn how to sit, mirror, and get that confidence, or if want to improve yourself and get that client that you thought was out of your reach, then Sunil is the person that can help. Sunil is awesome, attending his coaching classes is a must.”

Patricia DuVall – Retired (recently)

sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Tadas Narauskas

“Sunil is the hardest working business coach I’ve ever met. Just his sheer determination and dedication is inspiring, truly a leader by example.”

Tadas Narauskas – Self Employed

sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Don Anderson

“Sunil is the consummate professional in his attention to detail, timeliness, follow-up and mentoring. He is results oriented and keeps you on target and schedule in your quest for growth and success. Sunil will assist you in your growth process and you will achieve your goals with his guidance and tutoring.”

Don Anderson, President, Don Anderson, Inc.

sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Baruch Vargas

“It comes with great pleasure for me to HIGHLY Recommend anyone who is looking for clarity, accountability, knowledge, tools, skills, dignity, compassion, integrity, trust, friendship, and what it takes to reach your goals and be successful in your business and personal life,  with the leadership and strategies that Sunil Bhaskaran provides as a Mentor, Coach and a friend.  So… if you want a breakthrough in your situation… then Get a hold of Sunil right now!  Because… Sunil genuinely gives more value and time to really see that you are complete with everything you want to accomplish and propel you to become the person you know you are!  I have the privilege to work beside Sunil to gain more than just money… I gained the freedom to own my life and passion! Thank you Sunil!”  

Baruch Vargas – Business Owner

sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Karis Tang

“It seems unfair to only list 3 of Sunil’s attributes. As a business coach, Sunil’s commitment that his clients get results gives him the heart, passion and persistence to make sure the client does what needs to be done. More than clarity for my business, Sunil’s coaching advice also brought clarity to my own life. If you want change in the way you look at life and business, he is the coach for you.”

Karis Tang, Visionary Entrepreneur


sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Alyssa Williamson.png

“Sunil is excellent at discovering your true goals, revealing your resistances and motivating you to move beyond them.  I have seen phenomenal results since my three month business coaching with Sunil and I am still gaining new understanding of the topics he discussed with me.  My business has grown substantially, I have learned methods to manage my time, and most importantly, I have become aware of my own thought processes and how I need to change them to take my business to the next level.  I am preparing for further business growth and I look forward to contacting him again very soon”  

Alyssa Williamson, Creative Director and CEO

sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Shabbir Latif

“I hired Sunil as a Business Coach in September 2012. That is the time that I started my business as an Emotional Intelligence expert, speaker, and coach. He has been my coach since then. I have benefited tremendously in my confidence and knowledge of how to get establish and grow in my business. He provided me with a structure to follow that is based on brain science and held me accountable to my words with generous authentic encouragement and feedback. He makes sure that I get more than satisfactory value for the fees I have paid. I have also attended his speaking events and he is an effective, engaging, and humorous speaker. I highly recommend Sunil as a speaker and a coach.”

– Shabbir Latif, Emotional Intelligence Coach


sunil bahaskaran illuminating your path Matthew K Stark

“Sunil is a great speaker. He really inspires anyone that attends one of his events. I have known Sunil for many years, starting when I would attend meetups. He enjoys celebrity status on meetup.com which is no easy task. he consistently markets himself via multiple channels. for sure i would recommend Sunil to anyone wanting to start a consulting or public speaking career. if Sunil ran for office, i would vote for him in a heartbeat!”  

Matthew K. Stark, Internet Marketing


sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Meeta Vyas

“In his coaching, Sunil uses the well researched concrete brain science methodology that helps remove the overwhelm factor in business building. In our work together Sunil was able to identify the major issues that were in my way. Once the issues were identified he helped me focus on the 3 concrete steps that I can take now to take my business to the next level. Having Sunil as a thinking and accountability partner would be an asset for any business owner.”

Meeta Vyas, Agile Coach


sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path mike hertzer

“Sunil is one of the best motivators I have seen in quite some time. His expertise is in training people how to utilize their time effectively through realistic goal-based scenarios. His ideas using my personal ‘integrity list’ put me in a position not to just organize my calendar effectivey, but to create personal time by focusing on what I do best rather than taking care of everything. Sunil has certainly added another four hours to my standard 24-hour day. I will most certainly utilize his services in the various associations where I participate.”

Mike Hertzer, Modern Landscaping Inc.


sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Ayelet Gingold

“Sunil is an inspiring, very creative and sharp business coach. His commitment and genuine care are hard to find. Working with Sunil, failing is not an option.”

Ayelet Gingold, Realtor, Santa Clara, CA



sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Kathy Bisbee

“Sunil was my business and life coach just for a short period of time, but the awareness, skills, new take on accountability and initiative that I gained during that timeframe has benefitted me throughout the past seven years of my career. In part because of my work with him, I transitioned into my current career and new levels of success.  I encourage other professionals to use Sunil’s coaching services!”  

Kathy Bisbee, Executive Director / CEO, Brookline Interactive Group



sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Joleen Sheldon

"Sandra and Sunil's "Supercharge Your Superpower" workshop kickstarts conversation to find out what makes your business different from every other business.  There was a feeling of ease, community, and creative flow amongst the fellow entrepreneurs.  Sandra and Sunil skillfully weave a conversation that stirs up creativity, introspective thoughts, and collaborative ideas.  The workshop results in a powerful Offer Letter to target your next big sale."

Joleen Sheldon, Powering Empathy



sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Bernadine Rosso

"Love working with Sunil and the Global Meet Up Community! Every week I’m capturing new ideas and ways to utilize the endless resources offered by this community of movers and shakers! Even on my own, with Sunil’s guidance, recommendations and support I’ve had 4 local Meet Ups with two new clients signed up for coaching packages creating nearly 10k in unexpected income! And I’m just getting started...."

Bernadine Rosso, Visionary and Life Coach womensevolution.com


sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Jeffrey Nott

“Sunil has great insight to the challenges one faces not matter what the field of endeavor. He helps on to focus on the abjective and work out the solution and he does all this in a very positive and supportive style. He makes it easy to share oneself with him.”  

 Jeff Nott, Workforce Solutions Advisor


sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Milan D’Souza

"Saying Sunil is a brilliant marketer is an understatement. Sunil and his organization have helped us increase our AUM by $6.5 Million dollars in a couple months! After spending countless money and time with other marketers, we can confidently say Sunil is the BEST one we worked with. Our investment in Sunil's program has returned us an ROI of over 2500%."

Milan D’Souza, Financial Advisor

sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Ally Nguyen

"Sunil is a very valuable mentor and coach. Joining his team GMB, has been one of the best of investment of my life! You definitely get a ""Bang for your Buck!"" This community has been very supportive, and I have been able to collaborate in building friendships, and business colleauges. I am already starting to build an audience from all the years of expertise of Sunil and his team, in months! My confidence has increased 80% and now I am able to speak in front of an audience, something I have never done before. Sunil will go out of his way to help you. Sunil has not only become a well respected mentor of mine but he is also a man of integrity. Sunil never leaves a man behind, as he will motivate you to keep going with a very humble approach."

Ally Nguyen

Global Business Marketing and Networking

"Sunil is a wealth of information with business strategies to attract customers and grow your business exponentially. He's also very personable. You'll enjoy working with him!!!"
Gwendolyn James, Market America/Shop.com

"Sunil has good insights into global business and business customs. Well-spoken, clear in explainations"
 Douglas Hartley, Focus Asia Market Entry Services

"Great for networking across borders. Always up beat and on time!"
Sarah Hightower, Hightower Books

"They are experienced and filled with knowledge about their products and services"
Thia Brounno, Thia's Travel Services

"He takes the time to provide events for Professionals to Network and get to know each other. And after that, he even provides a way to get in touch with others and find recommendations (i.e through Alignable!)"
 Ed Briones, The Marketeer Canada

"They offer great networking events requiring participants to go beyond their rehearsed elevator speech. "
 Christina Wilhelm, CMW Accounting & Consulting

"Demonstrated industry experts in Business Marketing & Networking"
 Gregory Ige, Azare Technology Solutions LLC

"Amazing, full of connection and sound advice."
 Priscilla Christie, Discovering You

"Outstanding information meetings concerning new businesses."
Dennis Coburn, Expense Reduction Analysts

"Thanks to Sunil my business has been opened up to location in Asia. The connection I've made have been lifelong connections "
 Alovea 4u /Shirley Miller, Alovea 4u

"Refreshing business perspective and excellent information. "
Philanthi R Koslowski, Infinite Nonprofit Solutions, LLC

"Well-run networking group with effective methods to make real connections. "
- Michelle Forsyth, Forsyth Solutions

"Reached out to me and is highly recommended. "
Kathryn Nathan, Ph.D., Kathryn L. Nathan, PhD, LLC

"He's very active with running business networking events and he's a wonderful host, always encouraging participants to connect with each other. He is also great at making viable business introductions outside of dedicated events."
- Morgan Santamoor, New England Social Media Agency LLC

"I liked the event organized by Global Business Networking. "
Maria Teverovsky, Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski , Independent Consultant.

"Global Business Marketing & Networking with Sunil and his team have been providing us with such an enjoyable and highly productive way to network with so many other business owners."
Annabelle Colestock, Arbonne International LLC

"Professional and informative "
 Lori McBride, Melaleuca - The Wellness Company

"A great business!"
Aleem Alvi cSecurity

"Outstanding program for those with a path to success."
 Kian Zarnegar Thrust Financial Group

"Intelligent man with great ideas!"
 Dianna Fox Team National USA

"Tey do a wonderful job and do not take advantage of peple. What they do is in the best interest of the entrepeanur."
Ina Wishnia IR Wishnia LLC

"Sunil is a Connector!"
Penelope Colville English Games Academy Inc.

"A super connector, Sunil responds quickly in reaching out and including others in his network. He has an ambitious networking goal that I know is achievable."
 Helen Pearman Ziral, PhD Dr Helen Z

"Very professional and friendly"
 Robin Gensburg Harbor Hypnotherapy & Healing Life's Losses LLC

"Great at leading meetings. "
 Eldon Takeda LegalShield

"GBM & N are genuine in their building relationships prior to a business transaction. It is easier to keep a customer than prospect for a new one. A great retention plan!"
Todd Mann Chatbot Genius, LLC

"Swisshtech and Sunil share a series of network associations, he is helpful credible and effective with network liaison and marketing on a global scale... which is one of our interests."
 O. Orrett Gooden Swisshtech Corp.

"Very knowledgeable. I enjoy the zoom meetings. "
 Deb Tracy SIGNPROgrammers, Inc.

"I highly recommend Sunil, especially if you have an existing, sustainable, business and you’re looking to expand your audience & your reach. He’s masterful in Marketing, Messaging & Audience-building. One of his gifts is getting to the heart of what you’re trying to say and work with you to make it clear, impactful & inspiring. "
 Brad Neiman Globally helping Tech CEOs, Founders & VCs have it ALL: Well-being, loving Relationships AND Breakthrough Business Success – for themselves & their Companies!

"Sunil has a knack for bringing out the best in leaders. He helps business owners step into a bigger, truer vision of their business. He leads with heart and business savvy, a true rarity. "
 Allison Kinnear Voice of Her Own

"The network is so important for us business owners. Sunil did a wonderful job connecting global business owners and creating opportunities. "
Diana Ding Ding Ding TV

"Sunil has a passion, gift and vision for supporting people in sharing their gifts through global connections and communities. His heart is gold, and his business sense is the kind we need to create a world where both doing good work for our communities and sharing our talent in the greater world is essential."
Gwendolyn Keith Gwendolyn Keith Coaching and Healing, Chapel Hill, NC

"Sunil is very knowledgeable and sincerely warm with his clients. He truly listens, is patient and gives immediately applicable guidance. You can't go wrong working with him."
Katie Anderson Katie Anderson Interior Design Consultants

"Sunil is a top-notch marketing expert especially serving the environmental and regenerative economy sector."
Julie Gengo genGO communications 

"Sunil is a great speaker and very knowledgeable about all aspects of starting, running and exiting ventures. He is very approachable and easy to work with."
Gautam Tandon Ellipsis Marketing

"Sunil is passionate about helping others succeed! He's generous with his time and knowledge and offers a number of networking opportunities. A great person to have in your corner! "
Danielle Lescure Case Study Writer / Storyteller

"It's a fast growing network. Although a large network, Sunil has made it possible for everyone to engage and support each other."
Gina De Leon Thermomix®

"Sunil is an expert in his field and always puts his clients and connects first. He truly cares about you and moving you forward wherever you are at in your business. He has a top-notch community that is supportive, and he always delivers valuable content! "
Dianne Maldonado Hill Inspired For Life! Wellness Coaching

"Global Business Marketing & Networking is a good place to improve your education and take your business to a new level. "
Aurica Bintintan BestBuy4YourSelf

"Sunil is an amazing leader and by far the bay area expert when it comes to marketing strategy. I highly recommend Sunil for taking your business to soaring new heights! "
Rhadiante Van de Voorde Elemental Design Group

"Sunil has built a fantastic network of a diverse and fascinating group of people, all of whom I am happy to know and to meet with. Sunil is an excellent facilitator and cuts to the heart of any discussion with his experience and insight."
Steven Swernofsky Los Altos Law

"I have heard the s and is a wonderful business. In these trying times it’s hard to believe some. people are still trying to do great work. These are my comments Susan"
Susan Silver Susan Silver

"I've worked with Sunil for ~5 years now and wholeheartedly recommend him for his expertise, wisdom, and earnest desire to help entrepreneurs succeed. I consider him one of my dearest friends."
Jory Fisher Jory Hingson Fisher

"Sunil is helpful, professional, and knowledgable. His system is beneficial in helping businesses get new clients."
Kira Lancaster Kinderdance East Bay

"Sunil is truly an expert in audience building. He is very personable and a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him.""
Sandra Hughes  Life Reinvented® 

"Open heart and open mind to help drive your business"
Rena Ayeras Soul Power Arts

"Sunil is an excellent listener and advisor – what you need from your coach to grow your business. "
Rena C. Ayeras TWTC, Inc

"Sunil is a well informed mentor who can help you build your business through Meetups!"
Angeline Hart Gorilla Love Coaching

"In my opinion, Sunil Bhaskaran is not only the undisputed champion of the World of Meetup.com, but he is also a champion of the entrepreneur thought leaders who need to reach their ideal audience. I know, Sunil and chose to work with him because he is not only a great guy but as a small business publicity specialist, I know that Sunil has a list of Meetup Money Making Success Stories as long as your arm. Thank you, Sunil. I look forward to working with you for years to come."

Mike Hayes 
Cross Group Networking Online, Offline, and Combined!
Cross Group Marketing and Networking Online, Offline and Combined.

"Sunil is a great coach! He is really an expert in building an on line presence. His webinars are informative and easy to follow. I have done personal coaching with Sunil and he is insightful, innovative and highly focused. I highly recommend working with Sunil."
Mike Young Mike Young Real Estate Consultant

"Targeted and successful in marketing you."
Linda Mac Dougall Mac Dougall Consulting for Disabilities, LLC 

"Whatever your field is, Global Business Marketing can help your business grow."
Candie Noel Candie Noel Realtor


Global Business Mastermind

"If you want identify your super power to standout, attract more qualified clients and take your business to the next level, he the right person to get you there."
Cheryl James Merrill Lynch

"Sunil has a wonderful grasp of marketing. He's been very helpful in launching our new business. I would recommend Sunil with great confidence. "
Vicky Sullivan Sullivan Productions

"Sunil is a phenomenal human being, full of love, integrity & giving. He brings great truth to the table when working on any problems - business or otherwise. He has been very successful as an Enterpreneur & coach. "
Naveen Koneru Expand International

"Sunil is a great marketing expert that delivers results. You can count on Sunil to connect you with the right network or work with his company to deliver positive results."
Lindsay Gill MentureME Inc

"Super pro-active and informed. I appreciate his unstoppable energy and can-do attitude."
Lizz Hodgin Weihrauch MusicalMe, Inc.

"Sunil is well versed in marketing and communicating ideas to help businesses grow. Sunil is not only an expert in his crafts, he is also very down to earth. It would be a mistake to not have Sunil guide you."
Ken Westmoreland The Entrepreneur's Source -Retired

"Marketing is one of the most essential and most difficult business enterprises. We have not worked with C Mind Group yet, but we would like to discuss what they can offer us for marketing services."
Mardeen Gordon Real Color 3D

"Sunil is very knowledgeable, funny and generous. He says the most profound things so nonchalantly! He is awesome to work with!"
Deb Sampair Hands on Healing

"Perhaps we could meet I have some questions for you. Kind Regards Stephanie Inventor of Chi Kinetics a mindful form of exercise "
Stephanie Berard Chi Kinetics Pilates Studio

"Sunil is a brilliant strategist. I am a member of the Global Business Mastermind, GBM, and Sunil's ideas have helped me tremendously in growing my sales training business."
Ron Hori Certified Sales Trainer, Sales Coach, Speaker

"Sunil knows what he's talking about, has a sense of humor and loves to help others."
Sharon Nix, MBA Freedom and Beyond

"Sunil is a great coach, personable and a true professional."
Patricia Stokke, EdD Image & Performance Transformation

"Sunil is very knowledgeable, and very generous in his giving of himself, his expertise and his connections. He's a great person to work with to expand your business(and also to learn some basics!) I highly recommend him!"
Deborah Sampair Hands on Healing Chiropractic, Campbell, California

"Sunil is a great person to connect with to jump-start your business or for guidance as you continue to grow. He has a point of view that can expand your own."
Salle Hayden StarBright Light Therapy

"I have worked with Sunil in the past, and he has helped me tremendously. He helped me make some big decisions, and he helped direct me back to Maui with his questions. I will always appreciate his guidance, and help. Aloha oe for now, B. Moore"
Brooke H. Moore

"Sunil is truly an expert in audience building. He is very personable and a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him."
Sandra Hughes  Life Reinvented® 

"Sunil is one of the few successful entrepreneurs I know of who will go out of his way and leverage HIS resources and connections to help you succeed in YOUR business. He has been given the official "Omar Approved Partner" Stamp - now part of my inner circle of my HIGHEST recommended (& truly vetted) experts at attracting a HUGE audience to your business. Looking forward to working with Sunil for many many more prosperous years to come!"
Omar Briones Infopreneur Agency LLC

"Sunil is very knowledgeable about marketing. He shows people how to attract a large audience and develop leads. I highly recommend him."
Nate Saucier Attraction Unlimited Marketing

"Sunil is an ethical, brilliant strategist, excellent communicator and astute business coach. I've known him for a couple of decades and highly recommend him."
Loretta Love Huff Emerald Harvest Consulting LLC, Loretta Love Huff, Business Coach

"I've been working and collaborating with Sunil for 1.5 years. He's a consummate gentleman who is 100% committed to helping entrepreneurs succeed and to making a significant difference in the world. Have a conversation with him. You'll see what I mean immediately!"
Jory Fisher Jory Hingson Fisher

"Sunil is a great coach, connector, resourceful business professional. Extremely knowledgeable in How to get you visible and get more connections. With Meetup, linkedin, and any new way that comes up in the market for visibility and self promotion."
Belinda Ortiz Love and Life Mentoring with Belinda Ortiz

"Sunil is a great mentor and an expert at marketing."
Marleece Peart Tranzformation Events & Public Relations

"Sunil is the consummate connector matching up brilliant ideas with brilliant people and has an innate knack for this leading to win-win relationships."
Rupina Meer Zen-trition

"Having met Sunil through Mirror Speaks The Truth, I have had the opportunity to listen to him speak. He is dynamic and offers great advice!"
Tim Converse Santiago's Magic

"Sunil is a great mentor and excellent net worker. Deep knowledge about marketing and meetup group. He always provides valuable information to help me. Feel grateful to meet him. "
Xiaoli Mei Happiness in love coaching

"Sunil brings not only extensive experience and wisdom to everything he does, but also true caring for the success of all of his clients. He comes from a place of true service."
Marjorie Saulson Vibrant Vocal Power, Inc.

"Sunil is extremely knowledgeable about Meetup marketing and provides excellent service to anyone wanting to build their impact."
Angeline Hart Gorilla Love Coaching

"When you want a business coach to help you develop your marketing and business plans talk to Sunil Bhaskaran. His strategic support has been stellar on my journey."
Patricia Fuqua Dating Diamonds

"Sunil is a consummate professional and very generous with his knowledge. "
Tina Greenbaum Tina Greenbaum 'a Mastery Under Pressure

"I interviewed Sunil for his expertise on marketing and Meetup in our Promote Her Business community, invited him to be a Speaker at our HereWEGrow Conference, and collaborated with him on networking events and I can tell you first-hand that he is a rock star marketing/sales, business, and networking expert. Checking out his Global Mastermind is a must:) "
Josephine "Jōs" Hanan Promote Her Business Int'l

"Sunil is so incredibly intuitive, sensitive, warm, and broad in his wisdom and gifts. I am always grateful to experience his presence and coaching. The combination makes the learning all the more deep and wide."
Gwendolyn Keith Gwendolyn Keith Coaching and Healing, Chapel Hill, NC

"Sunil, just as his profile photo here, is always on the sunny side!!! His place is around the corner, yet we are both global. Need something of substance in your day, your business, your passion play that life truly is? Call Sunil. He is both charming and capable. ~Eric Lerman~ (TGA / PFS)"
Eric Lerman Titan Global Assets

"Sunil is a great coach! He is a good listener and makes very strategic suggestions. Plus, he is a quality human being."
Mike Young Mike Young Real Estate Consultant

"Sunil has great influence in leadership, very professional, and conducts himself with such confidence in everything he does."
Terri Abellera Lone Star Enterprise and Consulting Group, Inc (Financial Services)

 "Sunil is very dynamic and a great business coach, patient and proactive. I highly recommend him."
Sarah Maxwell The Good Karma Movement

"Sunil is an exceptional professional who does the best at everything he involves in..."
Anton King Callbox Inc

"Sunil and his team have the experience, the track record, and the creativity to tackle nuanced marketing challenges for specific businesses and automate both online and offline processes. "
Tej Anand Elite Financial

"I am a Client, but Sunil has become my Friend to because I've learned to count on him to tell the truth about all of the things in which he has invaluable knowledge. Plus, I enjoy his demeanor and they way he leads, and interacts with me and many others. He is a treasure from whom anyone can benefit. Mike Hayes, Founder The New Economy Chamber of Commerce"
Cross Group Networking Online, Offline, and Combined!
Cross Group Marketing and Networking Online, Offline and Combined.

"Sunil is a thoughtful, honest, and kind coach. He's offered me several crucial course corrections along the way, always in a clear and gentle way. Value beyond measure!"
Fred Mindlin String Stories AKA Original Digital

"Recognizing talent and nurturing it to its fullness is a process that Cahaya Mind, LLC does well ."
Nasir Muhammad Nasir Muhammad Consulting



"Sunil has helped me start a new path in business and learn to continue to grow. Learning and support help comes from him at all steps and he has tools and many paths for support that every new business owner needs. He not only has years of experience but is constantly learning with us. Thanks Sunil for all the support & learning I have gained."
Aminah Ramezany  Bridging Worlds

"Sunil is an outstanding thought leader and excellent at leading mastermind meetings. I am a member of his Global Meetup Mastermind group and have learned a tremendous amount about creating community and collaboration to grow my business. Sunil's vision of helping 100 million entrepreneurs around the world is an example of Big Thinking. I would recommend anyone to connect with Sunil and tap into his brain power."
Ron Hori

"Sunil in an excellent Business Coach and Speaker. I havebenefited tremendously from his experience and knowledge."
Daniel Gumucio Senior Technology Executive

"I met Sunil at a conference that we both attended, a couple of years ago. After listening to him speak as part of a panel of business leaders, I attended a breakout session where Sunil presented himself in more comprehensive detail and discussed how he worked with people, to bring more clarity and focus into their lives. At the time, I had just turned 50, was happily married with two teenage sons, and despite having built an extremely successful marketing communications business, selling that business, and in the midst of building my current firm–staying on track was becoming more difficult. Work was pouring in and deadlines were being met, but my stress level was off of the charts and quite honestly, I was no longer the fun person that I used to be. Now that I am working with Sunil on a daily basis, not only is he actively coaching me to stay on track, he is helping to plan my own incredible future. My drifting ship has found a rudder!"
Doug Eymer strategic thinker | team leader | innovative designer

"Sunil is excellent at discovering your true goals, revealing your resistances and motivating you to move beyond them. I have seen phenomenal results since my three month business coaching with Sunil and I am still gaining new understanding of the topics he discussed with me. My business has grown substantially, I have learned methods to manage my time, and most importantly, I have become aware of my own thought processes and how I need to change them to take my business to the next level. I am preparing for further business growth and I look forward to contacting him again very soon."
Alyssa Williamson Product Manager at PayPal

"I have been working with Sunil off and on for the last 6 years. He has always been there for me as a coach, a friend, a mentor. I just finished reading his book, which is a great week which i plan to tell all my friends about. I would highly recommend him to anyone, and everyone. I believe every person needs some of this caliber in thier life to take them to the next level."
Rob Ross Product Manager at PayPal

"I have worked with Sunil as my professional business coach fornearly a year now. I think the foundation of a successful personhas everything to do with a curiosity to learn and do! Sunil hashelp me become more grounded while at the same timeencouraged my growth toward whats possible."
Christine (Shimo) Shimasaki, CDME, CMP
Product Manager at PayPal

?I have attended a number of Sunil's networking events over the last 12-18 months and he always delivers value to the attendees. Thoughtful and highly intentional to desired outcomes, Sunil has a genuine concern for the results achieved by his clients and meeting attendees alike. I strongly recommend Sunil as a speaker and his networking events."
 Steve Trachsel President/CEO at Modern Landscaping, Inc

"Sunil is a highly motivating speaker and coach who reaches outin a logical and inspiring fashion. He is a wealth of informationand will guide in your thought processes to achieve your highestgoals. Dorothy Passarella, M.S., NHA"
Dorothy Passarella, M.S. Healthcare administrator;therapeutic recreation program designer for elderly

"Sunil is a FANTASTIC COACH and FRIEND, he has a way to cutthrough all the fog and get you straight to problem to bring youthe results you want. I enjoyed working with and always cancount on Sunil. I appreciate all his help. His approach is non-traditional to help you solve your traditional problems."
Angela Frenkel Esthetician & Makeup Artist at ELLAGANCE MAKEUP ACADEMY

"Sunil is the hardest working business coach I’ve ever met. Just his sheer determination and dedication is inspiring, truly a leader by example. My favorite though is to watch him connecting withthe crowd and calling himself Linus Backwards :-)"
Tadas Narauskas Manager, Sales Coach

?Sunil was my business and life coach just for a short period of time, but the awareness, skills, new take on accountability and initiative that I gained during that timeframe has benefitted me throughout the past seven years of my career. In part because of my work with him, I transitioned into my current career and new levels of success. I encourage other professionals to use Sunil's coaching services!?
 Kathy Bisbee Global Meeting, Incentive, Event Design, Planning, Management

?Sunil has great insight to the challenges one faces no matter what the field of endeavor. He helps on to focus on the abjectiveand work out the solution and he does all this in a very positiveand supportive style. He makes it easy to share oneself with him.?
Jeffrey Nott Author of 1 Week 1 Thing | Business Coach | Speaker | Trainer

?It seems unfair to only list 3 of Sunil's attributes. As a business coach, Sunil's commitment that his clients get results gives him the heart, passion and persistence to make sure the client does what needs to be done. More than clarity for my business, Sunil's coaching advice also brought clarity to my own life. If you want change in the way you look at life and business, he is the coach for you. "
Karis (Tang) Guillot Consultant/ Coach at Karis Consulting

"I took a hiatus from the high-tech world in 2001 to try my hand at furniture-making, and I hired Sunil to coach me through the transition. Having come from the corporate world, I knew nothing about being a small-business owner; Sunil coached me on a lot of practical aspects around running my business. However, where I got the most value from Sunil was in how he worked with me to define an empowering context for my work. He led me through some amazing and evocative conversations designed to answer powerful questions, like "Why am I doing this?" and "What do I want to contribute?" With that thinking complete, I found myself more productive, more engaging with clients, and more satisfied with my newly chosen profession. I wouldn't have those results had I not engaged with Sunil, and I highly recommend him. "
Alek Grabinski Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager at Emerson Process Management

"Sunil's coaching is of the highest quality - I tripled my income in the first 2 months and have continued to increase my client base! Sunil's time management training is simple, yet so effective it has changed my life forever. For me, now, there is no other way! Sunil is highly skilled in the areas that count - he listens, understands where his clients are coming from and helps them identify their goals as well as achieve them. He takes great care of his clients and I am truly blessed to have him as my coach.?
 Calence Emerson Owner, Orbit Designs

"I have attended several events that Sunil Bhaskaran appeared as the featured speaker. Sunil addresses current challenges that resonant with business owners like myself. His solutions are practical with tangible and measureable results. When you interact with Sunil, you immediately appreciate his openness to share his experience and expertise. Sunil is a business consultants that really "gets it."
 Keith Bateman Commercial Banking - Independent Testing & Validation at Wells Fargo & Co.

"I've had the pleasure of working with Sunil over a period of several years, and he has always conducted himself with the utmost integrity. Sunil is a very "others-focused" person, and is very considerate, giving, encouraging, professional, patient, creative and focused. If you are looking for a win-win relationship, I would highly recommend teaming with Sunil." 
Amber Drake Owner, Essential Admin, Master Virtual Assistant (MVA), Real Estate Virtual Assistant, Listing Coordination & Marketing

"Sunil is an excellent coach for business results and productivity. He is very committed to his clients and has given me manyuseful strategies for time management and organization. He also uses cutting edge technlogies to produce lasting behaviourchanges in his clients."
 Amba Giri Senior Software Engineer

Sunil is a great consultant with lots of knowledge and expertise
Hetal Saki, MBA, CFP® Wealth Advisor

Sunil has been a great energy source for coaching on personal development. His expertise translated in to my strength in negotiation and successfully relating to other business asociates in an effective communications. He has been very proactive in providing networking link with others in my field, without any personal gain.
Vinit kadakia Systems Engineering at Molecular Diagnostic company in bay area

Sunil is an amazing human being. This gentleman has made ahuge impact on my life and would highly recommended thisindividual to anyone. He is one of the few people I met thatactually cares and has high integrity
Erik Williamson Retail Associate Manager at T-Mobile

"I met Sunil at a Meetup group he hosts. He has done a wonderful job of both pulling together the best of motivational business coaching principals and perfecting an interactive teaching mode that personalizes his knowledge to our knowledge in each of our problem or opportunity contexts. Go to his Meetup group at http://www.meetup.com/BayAreaBusinessLeadsSocialNetworkingGroup.
Bruce Rossiter CEO at Profits-Unlimited

"Sunil is a high quality and caring coach who truly wants to customize his guidance to each person's unique needs. He was instrumental in my understanding how to identify and value my current personal assets and begin to develop other assets to meet the challenges of different situations. If a person is truly able to open him/herself to an honest self-assessment, Sunil will make keen observations and relevant suggestions for growth and development. I regard Sunil highly and whole-heartedly recommend his coaching."
Denise Kerstein Patent Acquisitions at Apple, Inc

"Sunil uniquely brings a confident approach to coaching and accountability. His approach is both entertaining and engaging and his organizational approach to the process makes sure that all are included in the conversation. It has been a pleasure to hear him speak to groups and confidently refer him to people who are looking to bridge gaps in their business growth." 
Gregory Holsen CRO | CMO + Cross-Industry Marketer + Executive Sales Management

"Sunil is an innovative coach who takes the time to know hisclients needs and makes appropriate recommendationsaccordingly. He is fun and creative and makes sure that hisclients get results!"
Sharyn Abbott CEO & Founder at Ultimate Business International ubi-corp.com

"Sunil has profound insights that guide you to the deeper layersof what needs to be addressed. His background in Engineeringhelps him to structure his advice in a way that leads to asolution. He is truly enjoyable to work with."
Linda Haynes Escrow Officer at WFG National Title Insurance Company

"Sunil provided targeted consulting based on careful inquiry, insightful questioning, and a good understanding of my specific business needs. Although we are still in the early stages of implementation, many of the innovations we identified promise tangible benefits as our business continues to grow even during these unusual times. "
 Cathleen Crosby President, Coasting Home, Inc.

"Sunil is great at making suggestions of things I never would havethought of. He also does a fine job of bringing people togetherfor mutual benefit."
Cynthia Carley
Project Manager team member at FieldDay Solutions

?Sunil's has a style that is ruthlessly compassionate and mischievous that diagnoses your business situation effectively and provides tools to address them."
Chie Kawahara Speaker and Author Demonstrating Deep Energy Retrofit

"Sunil was straightforward with me, even when it wasn't what I wanted to hear. He has depth of understanding, will get you to think, and will contribute to your long-term ongoing personal development. Happened with me."
Dani Salguero
Strategic Advisor at How Ya Bean Catering, Coffee & Smoothies

"Sunil is dedicated to the success of his clients. He is knowledgeable, reliable and works with the highest integrity. Because of Sunil's extensive background and experience he is able to help drive his clients towards results by first pinpointing the challenges then by sticking with them while they create and execute solutions. Sunil worked with me through extremely challenging business and financial issues in 2008 and was unwavering in his support. I have and will continue to refer associates and friends to Sunil." 
- Susan Wolfe Marketing Consultant

"Sunil is amazing. He is very down to earth and goal oriented. He helped me to schedule my life and held me accountable to that schedule in order to achieve my goals and improve my business. I highly recommend his coaching services."
 John Freeman Website Development | SEO | Reputation Management | Digital Marketing

"I hired Sunil as a Business Coach in February of 2009 when my business is at a difficult turn due to the changes in the economy. Through his help, I am able to transform myself and change self-limiting habits into positive traits that boost my ability to earn more money. He has a great influence to me in the sense of accountability and responsibility. Working with him is very enjoyable and he knows exactly how to help you find your own self value. He's a great coach."
Cambare Designs Inc. Provider of BIM and Engineering Support Services

"I have known Sunil for over 10 years and would highly recommend him for your companies leadership development needs. Sunil brings a high degree of creativity, integrity and an eye for results in his work. He has established himself as one of the best leading edge thinkers and consultants when it comes to driving leadership in people. This is supported by his clients who constantly acknowledge and value his commitment to help them achieve high performance in their work and life. If you are looking for an implementation and results driven consultant, Sunil is your man.' 
Sandor Kovacs Leadership Developer and Performance Consultant, International Speaker and Author

"Sunil is an outstanding business coach. I have learned more about leadership, responsibility, accountability and integrity in the last four months working with Sunil than in my previous 18 years of management experience. Sunil's time management and organization coaching goes a step beyond Covey. I recommend Sunil to anyone looking to take their business and/or leadership performance to the next level. "
Jeffrey Leigh National Campaign Chief Engineer at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center

"Sunil is very knowledgeable in many areas and relates very well to the people he works with and has a lot of connections to people and projects."
 Rose Huie Owner, Rose Y. C. Huie, C.P.A. and C.F.P.

"Sunil is a unique individual, his passion for getting the most outof people is special, his desire to impact people's lives byteaching them how to be accountable and live in integrity isamazing. I am completely privileged to be in his coaching group,and I am a better person for it."
Jay Rose Owner-Jay's Networking Events

"I have known Sunil for 1 year. I met Sunil via Elite Leads. Sunil Has the following qualities. "He is an exceptional speaker, trainer and business coach and a good person to know. I recommend him strongly." 
C.M. Palmer Consultant

"I created significant results from Sunil's training immediately and over time. I still have my Rivers of Life on my wall that remind me what's most important to me in my life: Integrity, Challenge and Community. I've referred Sunil and his company to others, including a large bank, increasing the productivity of their employees dramatically resulting in more than a million in additional revenue."
Dr. James Sampair, Psy.D. Licensing Program Analyst at California Department of Social Services









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