Book: More Money, More Time, Less Stress

More Money, More Time, Less Stress

Having owned and run several businesses, Sunil speaks, trains and mentors from his own real-life experiences. He began coaching and training others in 1989; and has been in high demand as a mentor, private coach and keynote speaker for more than 20 years. His systematic "Escalator" program uses "Brain Science" and has made a profound difference in the bottom-line of thousands of business people worldwide. Additionally, Sunil has designed leadership, diversity, and accountability trainings for the corporate world at companies like Cisco and Comerica Bank.

Sunil Bhaskaran The Forgiving Universe

The Forgiving Universe

My intention in writing this book is to help you help yourself; help you create freedom in the midst of your failures; to realistically and compassionately resolve your failures; embracing it fully and in doing so, forge a better human being; one that is compassionate and truthful and loving and uniformly whole and complete and dare I say it, maybe even freer and more successful; Sufficiently free, content and successful to make a difference with others. This is a practical, but easy to read, road map to completion, freedom and peace of mind.

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