Powerful Advice: Business as an Expression of Love, Freedom, and Charisma (Updated for 2021)

We like to think of ourselves as serious business owners. We are. But there’s something to be said for a business as an expression of something deeper, like love, flow, or even freedom.

Recently I have become a full-fledged artist; drawing my doodles at the local Santa Cruz cafes – not caring one form or another for the curious stares nor for any acknowledgments or compliments – thankful for them but seriously not attached. For it is a joy for me to draw and to write – to allow my creative mind to transform ideas into tangible forms – beauty, form, and function coming together.

I am not just happy but in a state of flow or bliss.  This is not necessarily pleasurable I have to say.  For there is a meeting of spontaneous craving with discipline – a natural discipline because I want to so badly create this idea on my drawing paper – and to have it look and say exactly how I want it to look and what I want it to say.

So you hear me singing and you hear me cursing under my breath.

Business as an expression of love. Sound crazy?

People ask me why I coach and mentor others.  I do it because I love to.  I do it because nobody asked me to.  I do it despite what others have told me I must do.  I do it differently from most other coaches.  I do it differently because it is my thing – my self-expression.

As I write this, I don’t know where this article will end; but end it will with something that I love.

Maybe this is the key to having a life, business, activity, hobby, or relationship – to do it despite what people tell you except for your friends perhaps; to do something purely for the love of it.

I am not saying to give up your day job right away – but maybe to start.  Just start. Start today.  If you love something, start it today. If you have forgotten about it, do it today. But do it today.

And with that ignition in your heart and mind, will come to a natural discipline – one that may surprise you; one that you may feel was inborn, inherited, and gifted from that first batch of human beings who lived so precariously close to death yet would come back to their dark caves to draw and express what they saw, felt and heard in their hearts and minds.

Business as an expression of freedom

And with that comes freedom – a place where nobody can touch you unless you let them touch you. Where you are above all and not dominating nor avoiding domination – a land outside right and wrong, good and bad, prestige or denigration.

And that freedom announces a lack of agenda on your part.  I care none for my usual agendas as I write these words and as I think of how my drawing may look – I care none for the kid looking with curiosity at me and my doodle color pencils.  I do care for you and my fellow human beings – but I do not care for the prestige or the opinion of others.

I only care for the process of drawing and the drawing.   Maybe this is what defines charisma – to not be attached to your agenda – to be willing to let it go in place of something you deem bigger, brighter, and more important.

In passing curiosity I wonder what life would look like if we all became artists in our own right.  Would charisma be the new norm?

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