9 Incredible Business-Building Steps to Prepare for Your Biggest Breakthrough

Are You Ready To Market, Build An Audience Or Cause A Breakthrough?

The new year is always an opportunity to make more business happen.

Are you ready?

What does it take to prepare?

Are you ready for a business breakthrough? These 9 unbelievable steps are essential to building your business. #breakthrough #business

Here are the 9 essential business-building steps you need to take:

  1. Quickly mentally complete this year and the results you have gotten so far. Most people including me tend to invalidate our results for the year. Look to see what you learned, what you succeeded in making happen. Quickly forgive yourself for mistakes and go to step 2 below.
  2. List out the four main objectives you want to achieve for next year.
  3. Pick the top two to focus on first.
  4. What are the top four things to focus on this month? List these out.
  5. For each item, schedule a time to plan and execute these four things.
  6. NOW BUILD Momentum with the following steps
  7. What are the audiences that you will target for your marketing or business this coming new year?
  8. List out the best five ways to reach this audience and to engage them.
  9. Start listing and scheduling actions to fulfill on the step directly above.

Building an audience is the key to business-building.

If you are eager and curious to learn about how you can build an audience for your business, be sure to contact me or follow me on LinkedIn.

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