Business Commitment: The Surefire Way to Cure Overwhelm, Worry, Frustration & Fear

Have you ever wondered why you’re stressed and overwhelmed? Have you REALLY committed to your business. Learn why true business commitment brings freedom.

Just like a plane taking off… when you get to that cruising altitude.. everything quiets down. People relax, read their newspapers, flight attendants do their thing, people take a sip of their drink – life appears stable.

Ever wondered why you’re stressed? Learn why true business commitment brings freedom. #business #commitment

But it takes something in those precious minutes as the plane ascends. Extra power. Extra energy. Extra attention. Extra focus. No messing around – just committing to getting that plane to that cruising altitude.

It takes a commitment – when the pilot commits the plane to take off – there is almost no other course of action except to take off. You would NEVER see the pilot saying ‘Time for a nap’ or “I’ll do this later’ or “Forget this… let’s watch Looney Tunes.”

There is a time to commit in our lives and in our businesses – that time can be anytime – because the universe does not care about the timing of your business commitment – it just cares if you commit.

If you do not commit, then it knows that you are committed to nothing and shrugs you off. Nothing personal but instant ignorance of you.

But once you commit, the universe which includes other people, circumstances and things starts to take notice. They sit up, even more, to take notice if you continue to commit – it may take a while, but they will take notice. 

They may criticize your choice of committed actions – but even those critics are noticing you in their otherwise mundane lives because they are talking about you now – heck they have nothing else to do.

The best thing is, business commitment is a choice. It takes just a second to choose to commit.

Commit to something like no other business commitment before. Put your behind on the line and beyond that line. Start now with urgency. With purpose, with care – because it matters to you.

Commit from love, commit from hate, commit from being tired – but commit nonetheless. Just like those pilots committing the plane to take off.

Committing to anything creates peace of mind. If you don’t believe me, just do that – commit to something right now. Especially commit to something that you have been resisting doing for a while -something you know you ‘should be’ doing.

Notice if you are resisting it still. It does not matter to the universe if you resist. It is comfortable – perfectly okay to not commit – notice how much that comfort helps with your overwhelm.

But commit for a day – commit till you are tired – do not commit to being anxious or doing things in anxiety – but commit to it because you choose that business commitment for yourself.

And this above all, commit also to being kind to yourself in the process of committing – for committing to long-term suffering is unnecessary and counterproductive.

And then notice how your mood changes.

I love to hear from you! Leave a comment below and let me know what you’re committing to, and what actions you’ll take.

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1 thought on “Business Commitment: The Surefire Way to Cure Overwhelm, Worry, Frustration & Fear”

  1. Passion for what you are doing is a key element to combine with commitment.
    Passion without commitment leads to frustration.
    Commitment without passion leads to burn out.


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