6 Awesome Ways to Increase Business Motivation and Success

Do you feel your business motivation waning? A couple of real-life challenges mentioned by audience members in the last week:

“My ambition is high, but I am still not moving through projects; something is holding me back.”

“In my sales presentation, I literally saw people losing interest the more I spoke. But I showed them how to make more money.. why would they lose interest?”

“I am having a tough time getting going in the morning. I never had this issue before.”

“My team is losing motivation and 2 people quit last week. I treat them right, but something is missing.”

Quick Information from Brain Biology then… quick solutions to help you going. Read on.

Ready to Increase Business Motivation? Use these two primary motivating bio-chemicals in your brain:

1.  Dopamine – the reward ‘Dream Chemical’

Responsible for feelings of motivation, confidence, and ‘feeling on track’.

Works on expectations being fulfilled – unfulfilled expectations or unrealistic expectations not being met lead to a decrease in dopamine.

2. Norepinephrine “The Attention / Tension Chemical”

Creates attentiveness, challenge and tension – gets you going!

Everybody loves dopamine.  Think of chocolate and notice how you feel (unless you hate chocolate  🙂 in which case, think of someone beautiful in your life).

Your motivation and other people’s motivation is a function of how well you manage these two states or chemicals above.

Obviously, you cannot control other people’s chemicals but you can influence the secretion of both via words, actions, and ways of being.

Creating more of the dopamine experience is rather straight forward especially if you were a client of mine – it is about creating and maintaining a realistic vision and a realistic set of objectives and milestones.  If you are on track realistically, dopamine is straightforward.

What is mostly missing for people is the tension part.

So, how do you create this for yourself and for others?

Warning: The following requires boldness; For the ones of you who are insistent on meekness of false humility, I would advise not proceeding with reading this article.

6 Steps to Increase Business Motivation and Experience Breakthroughs

1. Increase the vision or challenge.

Do this especially if you complain about being bored or unmotivated.

It will be time to up your game. Create a bigger more challenging vision for yourself, your family, your company.. your world.

2. Create a deadline in time.

That is all I have to say about this. If you do not get this, create a deadline for your most immediate and pressing goal – do this anyway.

The deadline should be realistic and a bit of a stretch.

3. Give others deadlines without explanation.

4. Grab the attention by making bold invitations, requests, or demands (based on a vision)

If your audience is falling asleep, issue challenges in the form of invitations, requests, or demands consistent with your topic.

Also learn the art of telling stories that shift the attention to you and then frame your message more powerfully.

5. Awareness: Notice your challenge levels in different areas of your business

Note where the challenge is low and how you can increase the challenge.

6. Develop your adult sense of play

The most important context is play. If you take the above points with too much drama and suffering, then the results will not be powerful and based on freedom.  

People will think you are significant and overly dramatic.

So play, test, and challenge yourself and others.

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