7 Important Lessons for Business Success: What I Learned From the Big Game

Watching the biggest American football game of the year enabled me to re-evaluate what it takes to reach business success.

Consuming any competition like the big game brings out the best (and sometimes the worst) in us all. But that is like almost anything in life and business.  

When the stakes are high (or perceived to be high), people act at their best and at their worst – the common denominator is that there is something at stake; something worth ‘fighting for’.

How do you bring out the best to achieve business success and let the worst sit on the sidelines?

1. Create something at stake in your life or business game

If you are bored, it will be imperative to increase the challenge level.

If you are anxious, it will be imperative to create a plan that manages (reduces) the unnecessary stress but creates a more compelling challenge for the future.  Either way, it may look like you going after the ‘bigger’ game – but more importantly, the game that you know you can and will play to win ‘no matter what’. 

2. Get on the field and off the spectator’s bench

If you are spending a lot of time in analysis, worry, or opinionating, then you are probably being a spectator in your own life.

Getting on the field of play is what will give you the juice and experience of ‘things flowing and moving’.  It is not easy and you may need help – but this is the first place to look at -‘Will you live a near-life experience on the sidelines OR a full life with risk, adventure, and mindful planning?’ – What are you willing to invest and risk smartly?

3. Have an improved relationship with fear

Fear.. and its brothers (guilt, frustration, and resignation) will rear its head. Be prepared by setting up systems of accountability to help you stay on track. The question to ask yourself “Is this my game or am I relegating the game to my fears, guilt, frustrations, and resignation?” For many entrepreneurs, this is the difference between business success and giving up prematurely.

4. Look to the future: Put more oxygen there

Having a compelling and customized vision or mission statement (some of you call it a possibility) will help center you in creating the future rather than dwelling unnecessarily long on the past.  The mission statement will also help anchor you in picking actions daily and weekly to stay on track.

5. Develop your leadership skills now

Don’t wait till you have a team. If you are thinking long term and planning big, now is the time to start training and thinking about your organization or team and what roles and functions you will need as you grow. 

6. Value your word – for the sake of your own freedom and power

By word, I mean your promises.  All you may ever have is your word.  Your word tells you what your vision is for the future and what promises you intend to keep.  

People listen to you inevitably to gauge if you are able to keep your word or not – clients, team members, vendors, partners, family, etc.  There is no guilt here – to keep a promise or manage it to success.  How well you value your word or your promises will dictate the level of freedom and power you are willing to generate for yourself in the face of circumstances. 

7.  Create a plan and create super accountability

If you are going to go through the trouble of creating a business or working on anything, why not ensure business success by creating a plan and sufficient accountability underneath it that will drive the success.

More importantly, remember the point is not to create more unnecessary suffering .. but to end it – ending unnecessary suffering requires drawing a line in the sand and saying ‘No more suffering’ and then taking actions that are congruent with that declaration. Often it requires an inquiry that is creative and attentive to what you truly feel is right for you.

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