3 Amazing Steps to Run Your Business Worry-Free

What if you could resolve worries with a process that worked reliably all the time?

It never ends – the worrying.

As you get more settled in business – you do worry less about the things you started out worrying about e.g. enough money, enough time, etc.

But the worrying almost never goes away for most of us and continues to focus on bigger concerns and goals e.g. how do I exit my business without upsetting my employees, e.g. how do I motivate my top 10 percent producers without being unfair to my other producers. etc.

You may not run your business worry-free, but what you can build is the capacity to quickly resolve worries.

1. Understanding Worrying

We tend to think about our worries in the form of circumstances or external struggles e.g. not enough money, not being clear about my strategy, not clear if I want to do this business, etc. Resolving the external issues or circumstances can be useful – and worries can go away, but only for a short time typically before they resurface again.

To understand the worry and come to grips with it, you have to get that worries are mostly if not always internal struggles. Once these internal struggles are resolved, life becomes a lot more ‘freed up’ and you are less likely to face the same struggles again.

What are the internal struggles? Usually, they are conflicts – e.g. conflicts between two values that you have e.g. conflicts between a decision that you are leaning to versus a value system that is compromised if you go with that decision.

What are the conflicts that you see brewing or in your face now?

2. Resolving Worrying

Once you identify the conflicts, you can do the following

  • Clarify if the conflicts are real – that is that they are indeed conflicts. e.g. Are those values that are conflicted really ones that you believe in and are committed to following?
  • If the conflicts are real, then the next best step is usually a dialogue with a coach or a trusted friend.

Listen, I am not trying to over-sell you on coaching here – there is a reason why people get coaches. That reason is that most of these conflicts are not easily resolved by yourself or by pure independent logical reasoning.

Most decisions about life and business are resolved with feelings and philosophical reflection. Dialogue is critical and mostly the FASTEST way to resolve conflicts.

The proof is in the eating of the pudding, not in watching the pudding rise and nodding to yourself about it. – try the dialogue with someone willing to listen keenly to what you are dealing with (no judgment and no premature advice).

3. Next steps

  • Identify the conflicts clearly.
  • Talk with a coach or friend you trust to resolve the issue for you quickly.

If you’re looking for a coach, contact me or follow me on LinkedIn.

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