Case Study: Filling Up A Group Coaching Program using  – Belinda*

*Names and certain details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the client. 

Belinda’s Challenge:

Belinda came to me in the late summer of 2019. 

She had been in the expert industry freshly for about 1 year and had trouble attracting an audience for a group coaching program. 

When I viewed her content and her videos, I saw a very accomplished trainer and a compelling message that would resonate with people in her target market. 

On the audience-building side, I saw the following starkly missing:

  1. ENERGY AND MONEY NOT MANAGED: She was expending a lot of energy and money on the standard ways of getting prospective clients to attend her introductions. 
  2. CONSISTENCY & ENTHUSIASM: Not realizing that these standard ways (e.g. asking for referrals, networking, paid ads, etc.) would take more work, money, and time, she grew less enthusiastic and would drop off on the marketing (very understandably.) 
  3. DESIGN, NO STRUCTURE, NO STRATEGY, NO PLAN: There was no design (and hence structure or system) to get people into her introductory sessions/webinars.  Also, her strategy (who to target, what to offer to this target that is compelling, why it is compelling when to offer in what sequence, and how to put the system together) was non-existent. There was also no plan with milestones to manage expectations realistically.  Unmanaged expectations inevitably lead to upsets. 

In addition, I saw the following things that were missing or needed correction:

  1. QUALITY MESSAGING FOR EVENTS: The title and copy of her events were not of a quality that would attract people to attend. 
  2. AUDIENCE ENERGY NOT MANAGED: Her presentation was too long and at times convoluted. 
  3. SALE WAS NOT COMPELLING: Her offer of the paid program at the end of her introductory events was done abruptly and lacked energy. 
  4. SALE FUNNEL NOT WELL DESIGNED: It seemed that offering a paid program right away without getting to know the prospective client better was not working. She may need a better sales funnel or sequence of steps to go through to get to a sale with a prospective client. 
  5. NO INTRIGUE: There was no build-up with the right amount of intrigue in her presentations that would lead to a no-brainer sale.

Impacts of Belinda’s Challenge going unresolved:

  1. CONSTANT UPSETS: Constant, almost predictable upsets at unmanaged expectations. 
  2. LOSSES, not profits. 
  3. NO QUEUE OF PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS: No visible build-up of engaged prospective clients leading to business. 
  4. NO ENGAGEMENT WHEN PEOPLE MET HER:  Attendees to her presentations were initially interested because clearly, she knew what she was talking about. But her presentations often went off track and this led to reduced participant engagement.  This was saddening, because Belinda was clearly par above a lot of other presenters I have seen in her niche. 

Process of Resolution and Transformation:

  1. THE ENGINEERED BUT HUMAN APPROACH: I took into consideration Belinda’s style and personality into the design of her system using Meetup to feed her introductory webinars. 
  2. WORK FROM THE END RESULTS DESIRED: I worked with Belinda to define what she wanted to offer as her highest-priced programs (e.g. $5,000 and upwards.)  From there I worked backward to define what lower-priced to free stages to put the prospective clients through before they bought at the higher levels. This gave us a VERY CLEAR picture of what experience and programs to present to each person in her network. 
  3. FROM THE END RESULTS DESIRED, I worked out the design of her events to present to her meetup groups. 
  4. FROM THE DESIGN OF HER EVENTS, I worked out the design of her meetup groups that we posted the same event to for every two weeks. She did not have to change the PowerPoint - there was no additional work involved apart from showing up and leading the introductory educational events. 
  5. CORRECT SETUP FOR MEETUP GROUPS AND EVENTS: I optimized her meetup groups and events to attract prospective clients. 

Her sales funnel looked like this:

  • People were attracted by the meetup system to join her group(s). 
  • They were exposed by meetup to her events posted in the group. 
  • They registered for the event(s)
  • She led an educational presentation with questions and answers in each event.  (this event was done within an hour or less. Short and concise but valuable and intriguing enough.)
  • She offered a free discovery session for people to discover more about her programs. 
  • At the discovery session, she offered her group programs or one-on-one coaching.


At the first webinar: About 30 people showed up. 15 people signed up for discovery sessions. 3 became individual clients. Five signed up for group coaching. 


Over the last few years - she worked the system and the admin team I set up with her. She worked about 2.5 hours a month by just showing up at the educational events to lead them.  She continues to get clients from the system. 

Her confidence as an expert in her niche has grown. She quit her full-time job to pursue this business full-time. 


  1. Obviously, her results may not be the same as yours. There are too many factors that can cause unpredictable results using any kind of marketing system. 
  2. There are steps and details that I left out for the sake of brevity. These include the finer details of how to set up the parameters in the meetup system. To understand these nuances, you should download the free guide: 

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