Does Size Matter? What Does Matter? One Key to Peace of Mind, Abundance & Grace

I was at the grocery store the other day and I was at the cashier station, placing my purchases onto the conveyor belt for the cashier to pick up and tally – when I noticed the quiet, little Filipina lady behind me. 

She seemed a little dreamy – in her own world.  I had a quick snap judgment about her and the world; That the majority of people were focused merely on themselves and did not care about connecting with others. So, with that quick judgment, I turned my attention back to placing my foodstuffs onto the conveyor belt, when suddenly she reached out with a small plastic bag and waved it gently in front of me. 

I paused to look and she gently said “For your apples.”  

I was disarmed and gently took her offering.  With as much presence as I could muster, I gingerly put each apple slowly but carefully into the plastic bag. 

She still looked dreamy and in her world, but I looked at her and I said “It is the small things that matter.” 

She looked up at me, clearly moved and tears flooded her eyes.  I was touched and moved – and wanted so much to hug her.  But, she became embarrassed in her Asian way and I continued smiling but looked away to make her feel less uncomfortable. 

Small things matter? Large things matter? Does size really matter?

If size doesn’t matter, then what does matter?

As I got into my car in the parking lot, I thought about that question and thought about the lady’s tearful eyes. I had no idea what really moved her – maybe it was her feeling alone and having connection with just one person gave her hope.  I may never know. 

But she contributed to me in the biggest way possible – she gave me insight. 

I thought about the question again – What does matter? I started a list.

  1.  Honor 

Honoring people matters. Honoring them by acknowledging them and being kind. 

      2. Love 

Love matters and when it is unconditional, it matters even more. 

     3. Listening

Listening while letting go of judgment matters. 

    4. Loving Yourself

Loving yourself unconditionally – acknowledging that how you love yourself allows other people to feel served, loved, listened to and honored.

     5. Intimacy

Being intimate – sharing one’s self – letting people know who you are for them and who they are for you. Yes, that matters. 

      6. Compassion

Compassion for yourself and compassion for others. 

      7. Generosity

Allowing contributions from others and contributing to others. 

      8. Integrity 

Being true to yourself; always complete with nothing missing. That matters. 

I paused to reflect on the list so far. 

I could probably go on. But I realized something. Each item had no magnitude or size or measurable number associated with it.  

How do you measure love?

Answer: You can’t. 

In a world, where it seems like size does matter e.g. how many likes you get e.g. how big your email list is e.g. how much you have in the bank e.g. how many people actually love you – perhaps size does not matter. 

Perhaps what matters most are all the things that you cannot measure.

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