From Working Like a Dog to Freedom – This is not about money

I have been working like a dog. 

Speaking. Talking. Walking. Thinking. Brainstorming. Worrying. Stressing. Awaking (as opposed to awakening). Staring. Self Motivating. Stifling. Sitting. Fretting. Drifting. Surviving. 

You know how you or someone you know may have been working … existing similarly?

Well … this article may provide some relief, if not complete freedom. 


I took a walk and met my new best friend, Gemini. 

Gemini is a German Shepherd dog living just down my street. 

She/he came up running at a blistering pace along the house fence and just stood and stared at me, the head cocked to one side. 

Then I realized that I was working a lot harder than this dog. 

I decided to cock my head and be with Gemini - two beings very curious about each other. 

I found my brain shifting from human-dog mode to just-being-mode. 


“Curiosity is a curious gate that leads to possibility.” I thought to myself. 

As I looked into Gemini’s sad eyes, I realized that Gemini was lonely and in want of company - and that she was truly loving the connection we were having. 

I knew this, because when I made the attempt to move away, she/he started barking madly. 

So I found myself with a canine enforcer of meditative connection sent by some Hindu Goddess looking out for me - I was convinced of this. 

As she/he looked into my eyes, I felt that I was not lonely, but feeling alone. Alone in my dogged work - even as I talked with half a million people every day. 


I had been caught up in ‘working like a dog’ instead of just being. 

There was no staring contest. We were both comfortable with each other. I would look up from time to time, to survey his/her yard or observe an untied leash or a doggie playtoy.  And I began to get into Gemini’s amazing little world. 

While I had free run of the world in mobility and possibility, Gemini was scrunched up in a yard - unable to roam the world.  But both of us were prisoners - me by choice and Gemini by his loving owners. 

Gemini wished to be me. And I, for a brief moment, wished to be like Gemini. 

The irony did not escape me. I laughed and Gemini barked as if in agreement. 

“Yes, very silly - both of us!” I muttered to Gemini who sat in rapt attention. 

Later, I realized from reading Wikipedia that ‘Gemini’ in astrology represented ‘a positive mutable sign’ and symbolized two twin stars. Uncanny? Perhaps. 

So the given name Gemini will stick. 

As I got back into my office, I took a deep breath and made my next call. 

I had given up working like a dog. 

I am choosing to be. 

Nothing really changed. 

But something transformed. 


Because the calls got easier. 


Speaking moved to listening. 

Talking moved to dialogue.

Walking moved to discovery.

Thinking moved to being.

Brainstorming moved to adventure.

Worrying moved to compassion.

Stressing moved to breathing.

Awaking moved to awakening.

Staring moved to looking. 

Self-motivation moved to curiosity.

Stifling moved to choice. 

Sitting moved to inner peace.

Fretting moved to allowing.

Drifting moved to ease.


And … Surviving moved to living. 


The next time, you see a dog - wish them well.  They are indeed our best friends (up there with cats.)

The next time, you see yourself in the mirror - wish yourself well and then I invite you to get curious about what transformation is still possible for you. 


Have a great day.
Sunil Bhaskaran

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