Your Intangible Traits Make You Super Attractive in Business, Life & Relationships

Today I’m going to talk about why your intangible traits elevate your value in life, business relationships.

And it’s very interesting because most of your value is probably in intangibles, things that are not tangible things like your loving nature, your ability to listen.

Your ability to be grounded, your strength of character honesty, like your fun, your spontaneity, your likeness the smile that you have that expresses an emotion.

Your Intangible Traits Make You Attractive

All those are the intangibles that people remember about you. And it’s really funny because you spend our lives justifying all the tangible stuff, right?

How much money we make, how much money we can make, how well.

You put your kids through school how successful I was in business, how successful I was in my career. How well I did as a teacher?

How I did as a student… we spend a lot of time on these things. And then when we pass away our loved ones, mostly talk about the intangibles they talk about are loving you, or they almost never talk about your GPA.

You notice that don’t believe me go to a funeral of a loved person and you’ll see it. My invitation is very simple, list out all the intangible.

Your Values Are Important Intangible Traits

Values are assets that you have, your ability to make people laugh, your ability to listen, your ability to bring out the best in your team at work, your abilities to smooth, and the conflicts that may arise.

Your ability to be grounded in your abilities, to bring joy to other people in humor. Those are extremely valuable when you look at it and those are the people.

Those are the things that people are going to talk about most. But what you want to do now is to start accentuating more of that. Cause. You focus on the intangibles.

What I find is that people are actually more drawn to you because other humans find those intangible so rare that when you bring it out more often and you remind them about the importance of those intangibles, then you’re leaving an indelible mark for them.

And that’s effective as a leader, as a parent, as an educator, as a business person.

To have that, whether you’re a man or a woman leader, the ability to bring out those intangibles and express that in an articulate way is probably the greatest skill you can have.

Because deep down, we’re all human, we’re all waiting for the next person to be human.

Why not? You have, this has been a value to you.

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And I look forward to serving you again in the future.

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