4 Hidden Secrets to Marketing Productivity: Getting Stuff Done, Being Happy and Stress-Free

I want to share some secrets with you on how to get stuff done, be happy and stress-free – when it comes to the marketing of your business.  Think of it as marketing productivity.

Many of my clients get clear on their strategy and even what they need to do.  But then comes the challenge of sticking to the game – and this is where most people stop or feel stuck.

It is my intention that the following will help you get unstuck:

Marketing Productivity Secret #1:  Create a Compelling Vision (mission)

Create a compelling vision (mission) statement; one that you can refer to daily.  This statement will help ensure that your long-term objectives, decisions, actions, tasks, and projects are all aligned i.e. all your gears are going in the same direction. 

What happens to most people is that they create actions, decisions, tasks, and projects that are not necessarily aligned; the brain can detect this disharmony and signal worry or concern. 

Unless you have a universal or global statement that you can refer to that helps you align long term, short term, plans, projects, tasks, actions, etc., you will experience this worry or sense of discord which tends to distract and derail.

My mission is “To elicit the best satisfaction and performance for individuals, teams, and organizations. To leave a world we are proud of for generations to come”.   I keep the mission simple and useful. 

Every day, I test the efficacy of this statement – does it help me make clear decisions, project selections, etc.? Does it help me resolve problems or obstacles?  If not, I either change my mission or the decisions, circumstances, and plans.

Why is this critical to marketing?  It will do the most important thing in the management of your business – create what is most important and of the highest priority for you, saving you time spent on worthless projects, practices and tasks.

Marketing Productivity Secret #2: Create Long term objectives to give you even more leverage over the short term distractions

Most people only plan short-term e.g. the next day or week.  This results typically in a packed day or week – packed with short-term thinking and outcomes that may or may not add up the long-term objectives of the fulfillment of the mission (if they have one).

Whilst this is better than not having a plan at all, it results in a lot of wasted energy and time.

Creating long-term objectives helps anchor you in selecting short-term objectives (e.g. daily goals) that are more meaningful and lend more impact.  It also clarifies the subconscious questions that is always there – “Am I doing something that adds up to the future?”

This tends to reduce stress caused by the concern about the future – it gives you a greater sense of security and certainty (not a guarantee obviously but a feeling of more certainty).

Marketing Productivity Secret #3: Go for Quality rather than Quantity in your results

Pick fewer outcomes or goals to focus on daily.  Most people have a huge list that leaves inevitably to overwhelm and disappointment.  They train themselves in setting up for failure, overwhelm and disappointment or upset. Start picking far fewer daily objectives and measure your results to see if this works for you.

Marketing Productivity Secret #4: The Rubber meets the Road in Practice

Daily practice makes the difference: what are the practices then?

  1. Create and consistently refine your mission and long term objectives in your marketing daily: this will help create solid mission statements (that have some use for you) and long term objectives that are not only more realistic but are energizing and intriguing enough to keep going.
  2. Pick fewer (four maximum recommended) primary high priority outcomes per day to focus on. Ensure that theses outcomes are aligned with your mission and long term objectives.

This is just the tip of the wave that can help break the overwhelming experience, procrastination, and the feeling of being stuck.   There are more practices for sure, and these are a really good start.

Start these practices today and maintain them for at least 30 days to attain a breakthrough in your productivity.

If you are interested in learning more about these and other practices to keep your business and life in balance – being productive and stress-free, then contact me or follow me on LinkedIn.

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