5 Amazingly Quick Ways to Organize Your Marketing

5 Super-Effective Ways to Organize Your Marketing

You would think that with the number of tools online and in your smartphone, that we could become much better organized in our business and life. In my honest assessment, having been a very intimate business coach for many business owners and network-connecting with as many as 30-50 new businesses a day – this is not quite true.

5 Quick Ways to Organize Your Marketing

  1. Itemize everything that you feel should be done in your marketing, business, and personal life.
  2. Put each item into three buckets: what you will do today, what you will do this week, and what you will do over the next week or later.
  3. Use a marketing sales follow up tool
  4. Create a long-term marketing calendar: with posts on each of your channels (e.g. Facebook etc.) on each day for the next year. This enables you to spread out your posts and your distributed offers and content over time instead of worrying to get it all unrealistically done in one sitting in one day!
  5. Plan to delegate now or in the near future.

Even if you do not have the budget to hire now, start planning to do so now.

Figure out what are the primary functions (e.g. blog writing, e.g. posting on social media) that you do not want to do. Create a budget plan to hire people in the near future to take over these functions.

If you need help with this, feel free to reach out to me or follow me on LinkedIn.

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