Quantum Sales: Creating Unstoppable Intentionality Around Sales (Updated for 2021)

Quantum sales come from developing a sense of intentionality, consistency, and focus on outcomes. It’s tied to brain science and incredibly powerful in helping you reach your goals.

The email response came back from the entrepreneur – “You will have a job convincing me that writing down numbers I want to make, will (actually) make them happen, so come prepared!!!”

I read the sentence and smiled – the client’s reaction was normal – wherever new habits are required for new successes, changes in thinking are required.

The need to shift how we think to create the results that we want can be difficult to initially see but usually occurs as ‘obvious’ in hindsight.

Two key questions:

  1. Do you rebel against writing down your sales forecasts i.e. your sales objectives?
  2. If the answer is ‘yes’, then are you also having difficulty producing the kind of revenue and cash flow that you want in your business without compromising your time and using other resources unduly?

In this post, I am going to connect a book on Quantum Golf with Brain Science and make a case for more success via conscious revenue generation.

Years ago I read a book called Quantum Golf by Kjell Enhager and the funny thing was that there was absolutely no real discussion of the golf swing.

Every other book on golf that I had ever read focused heavily on the grip and swing. Yet after reading Enhager’s book, and employing some of his principles, I began to play better. Why? What was the key to this success?

Quantum Sales + Intention

To me, the answer lies in the word “intention”- a word that I have been cooking on for some time and have many stories to share including how I have repeatedly leveraged intention to produce outcomes that were and are consistent with how I choose to design and live my life.

There is also something deeper going on. The brain orients around actions to produce the neural pathways that we use every day to navigate our lives.

Golf and sales are no different than going grocery shopping, getting gas in your car, or calling a friend on your drive home. If you have done these activities before, then “how” you get them done just seems to blend into the background because you have performed the action steps before. When you are developing new practices, like the practices involved in recurrently hitting your sales numbers, these practices inevitably become more automatic with less effort expended*.

Consistency is Key to Quantum Sales

Recurrence is the key. I am not just talking about percentages of sales conversions made (e.g. 3 sales from 5 conversations) – I am talking about meeting your sales goals EVERY month, month after month, year after year.

So what does the practice of writing down a number and checking these numbers consistently actually do?

It creates a neural pathway to the thinking that was produced to choose the number in the first place. It also creates an artifact that allows you to reconnect to that neural pathway anytime – preferably daily.

And most importantly it shifts your attention and intention on creating the essential actions that are required to begin recurrently hitting your number. It clears the space for a higher degree of focus on effective action and shifts to focus away from dwelling on worries and anxiety.

Quantum Sales Focuses on Outcomes

If your focus is first and foremost directed towards the fulfillment of an outcome ( i.e. ~ a daily sales number ) you want to produce, then you will begin to shift the things that you are doing to ensure that what you are doing is THE MOST ESSENTIAL THING that you could be doing at any given moment to succeed.

Like Enhager’s book helped me in making the connection between the shot that I was going to execute next ( muscle memory ) and positioning the ball, on every shot, so that it had the highest probability of going into the hole, the practice of writing down your sales objectives and then managing based on th0se objectives daily, will enable you to have more wins more often.

My score was improved as a byproduct – your revenue will increase as an output of the new practices you are taking to sell more – each and every day.

*Reference the work of Nobel prize winner, Daniel Kahneman and the clarity around the plasticity of the brain. Plasticity means the ability of the brain to re-wire itself via its neuronal (nerve) connections. These circuits in your brain are ever-changing – to reflect new habits, surprises, and new knowledge.

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