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I started in 1991. My first mentor in business was one who had Zen Training before he became a business consultant. He taught me the value of building myself inside out to achieve high-quality breakthrough results in any domain – life or business. My first lessons were on how to discipline myself to focus my time and energy with full intention and joy. This internal building of myself started to give me much more confidence than I ever had before. My first “test” was in going to a ballroom dance competition and show. To make a long story very short (yes.. I know.. I am leaving out a lot of juicy stuff here), I won in three categories of dance (tango, waltz, and foxtrot) after three months of dance training – never having danced before and having been deathly afraid of dancing and making a fool of myself. The breakthrough awoke in me the realization that the limits I place on myself.. were just that – limits that I placed on myself – mere inventions of my very creative imagination. After that, I took on bigger challenges and had many failures accompanied by fewer but higher quality breakthroughs, including having enough wealth to take 1.5 years off to travel the world, date a celebrity actress and go to Hollywood to pursue being in the entertainment industry as an act of love, rather than as an act of extreme ambition.

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