6 Lessons from being Selected For Shark Tank

So I recently got selected to be one of five people pitching to the top 1 percent (or less) of coaches with the largest audiences probably in the world (JV Inner Circle.)

If Shark Tank likes my pitch, they would agree to promote me to very many people. I am certainly honored to have been selected and very proud as well – as it is reflective of my cumulative work in my business for many years.

Here are some of the lessons learned in the process of being selected and preparing: (my presentation is at the end of this week in front of a large live audience).

1. When you think you know everything that there is to know about your market and industry, think again.

It is always useful to revisit the non-spiritual definition of mindfulness (with gracious acknowledgment and thanks to Ellen Langer):

  • Being open to new categories of thinking.
  • Being open to new information.
  • Being open to new and different perspectives.

“The Truth shall set you free, but first it will p*ss you off” – Gloria Steinem. It is useful to keep letting go of my frustrations and to stay in the game.

2. Short-term suffering creates fast growth and a higher level of performance.

There was a lot of work in preparation and I am not done yet. Preparation is key. And then prepare some more. Then prepare even more. That rule was fortunately drilled into me by my first business mentor who trained me well. I have to remind myself that short-term suffering is what keeps and grows the long-term joy.

3. You are never too old to pitch to a younger person and get coached by a younger person.

I have a great set of coaches and I had to keep letting go of the fact (possibility sorry 🙂 ) that I may know more than them. The information I got and the lessons learned in being open are valuable.

4. Reviewing your markets and what worked and what did not work – is a powerful access to

It is always useful to do a thorough review of your business – hard numbers – what worked and what did not work.

5. Commitment vs. Attachment

I kept letting go of any expectations (letting go of attachment) and kept looking at what I am very committed to which is my mission: “Leaving an Extraordinary World with Extraordinary People.” Focusing there kept my mind clear too many times to count.

6. The Choice For Ambition: Going for the Gold – for no reason except because you said so.

But most people select because of some reason. These reasons and trying to think around them leave you crazy most of the time. Quietness is my mind came to me when I kept telling myself that I choose my ambition.. yes for the mission.. but because I alone choose to do so. That had the buck ends with me.. and begin with me.

And that makes me feel very good and clear.

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