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Virtual Online 2 day Workshop - Open to Global Participants

Presentations That Sell

Designing, Delivering Educational Events that Lead to Exciting Profits & Raving Fans
Sunil Bhaskaran transformational business workshop
How to make an exciting short presentation or mini seminar or workshop that intrigues, builds trust and results in participants making commitments or becoming clients?  How to do that with a well designed presentation, rather than relying unnecessarily on your personality?
This workshop is not designed for the people who want something quick and dirty. It is designed to help people create well thought out, mindful presentations that utilize working psychological and philosophical distinctions to keep people engaged and intrigued to the point of being willing to commit to what you want them to commit to - within integrity, joy and compassion. 

What You Will Gain:

  1. Empowering you to present what you provide confidently and with effectiveness i.e. making money. 
  2. Designing a short compelling presentation that leads people from not knowing you to building trust to getting a Discovery Chat session that converts into clients.  (Especially Good for high premium expensive programs that you wish to sell)
  3. You will have an outline if not a fully done powerpoint that you can start using, testing and refining to gain paying clients. 
  4. How to time and pace your presentations so that people continue to be intrigued and wanting more?

Who is the Workshop For?

  1. People who have been in business for a while and want to up their skills in presenting and delivering educational presentations with profits and results. 
  2. People who are new to business and are deeply committed to doing high quality presentations that they believe in. 


$596 per person

Date and Time: 2 days 10 am to 5 pm USA Pacific Time - Saturday and Sunday April 2nd and 3rd 2022. 

This is a virtual event. Upon registering and paying successfully, you will receive instructions on how to access the online event. 



sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Steve Trachsel

Steve Trachsel, MBA
"Sunil has a genuine concern for the results achieved by his clients and meeting attendees alike. I strongly recommend Sunil as a speaker and his networking events.”

sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path terri taylor

Terri Taylor – President and Creative Design Director
“Sunil Bhaskaran is one of those rare mentors who truly understands the pressures and overwhelm caused by too many responsibilities and not enough time. His simple and practical strategies for time management have allowed me to run two businesses successfully and still have time for a personal life.” 

sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path eric hess

Eric Hess  –  CFO and Co-Owner, Compass, LLC
“When we used Sunil’s coaching we experienced a 150% increase in size over two years. His instruction and training has left an indelible mark on how we relate to our clients and our staff. ”

Have any questions about this workshop? Reach out.

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