Site Credits

Site Credits

Digital Marketing and Content Strategy

Jen McFarland of Women Conquer Business

I specialize in assisting entrepreneurs and small business owners to streamline their marketing strategy and processes and amplify their impact. I use my extensive business systems experience and project design know-how, to dramatically transform your marketing operations from a time-suck, mysterious money pit, into a primo business-building asset.

Think of me as your ever-patient, empathetic, and resourceful tech translator who geeks out on helping you to find and use the right technology systems to bring your stretch business goals within arm’s reach.

In a prior life, I led multiple, large-scale public sector projects for the City of Portland, affecting more than 50,000 businesses and handling millions of dollars.

I’m an MPA with more than 25 years of training, teaching, and executive experience in leadership, project management, and digital marketing.

Branding and Website Design

Christi Williford of Elemental Studio

Elemental Studio is the brainchild of wild-child strategist and designer Christi Williford. With more than 20 years of communication design and brand strategy experience under her belt, Christi walks the talk.

Having worked for global giants and solopreneurs, big businesses and tiny nonprofits, she brings an impressive level of experience to bear on every project she tackles. (And she tackles them all with equal glee and excitement.) Raised by an artist father and scientist mother, Christi’s upbringing taught her the value of balance. As she pursued her degree in Graphic Design and Illustration from the University of Georgia, and later cut her teeth in the edgy San Francisco arts scene, she realized her brain worked on two interconnected paths. She was able to be both an artist and an executor, providing outstanding design and shrewd strategy to her clients. Christi has worked as an art director and senior designer for companies including Julep Beauty, Inc., Airborne Express, Starbucks, Wunderman, Seattle, and Rachel Greenhouse Agency. Her freelance clients have included Talking Rain, Microsoft, and DHL.

UX/UI Design

Kristelle Batucal

I am a Product Designer based in Long Beach, California. Currently, I am freelancing and working for small organizations to early-stage start-ups. Previously I was an ESL teacher in Peru. Before that, I was doing fundraising and communications for environmental nonprofits in Washington, DC. I have a lot of domain knowledge around solar energy, climate change education, marketing, design software, travel, and nonprofit management.

I love everything from understanding the problem, iterating on a solution, testing the solution, navigating technical constraints, and bringing the right people together. In the future I aspire to be a front-end developer and designer. I am currently taking a coding course with Super Hi and have been loving the challenge (also, because the last time I touched HTML was when I created Myspace ).

In summary, my skills include: design strategy, prototyping, user research, market research, wireframing, usability testing, responsive design, mobile application, web design, design systems, and mockup. Currently, I am reading: The Essentials of Interaction Design by Alan Cooper, Articulating Design Decisions by Tom Greever, and Responsive Web Design by Ethan Marcotte.


Gianna Lilly, of Sincerely, G Creative

I’m Gianna. My affinity for pretty words began long ago in my childhood home. Our house was always filled with overflowing bookshelves, laughter, writing, and a big bowl of pasta on Sunday evenings.

I graduated with an undergraduate degree in Business Management and have vast experience managing in luxury boutique hotels + restaurants. Though I love all things hospitality, I wanted to pursue my forever career in speech + language. Chasing my love of words, I am currently working on my Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology at NYU.

I get it. The daily grind of running a business is rigorous; there is never enough time in one day. In addition to analyzing financials, leading teams, and building relationships, you know you also need a strong marketing + website copywriting strategy to boost your sales. I’m here to take that weight off your shoulders- let’s chat.


Abigayle Tarsches Photography

Timeless and iconic art. With over 20 years of experience photographing actors on movie sets, portraits, weddings, boudoir, and fashion, Abigayle Tarshes Photography is unique in her artistic style and service.
Now offering photo solutions to your photo chaos.

Specialties: Wedding, Portraits, Fashion, Boudoir, and events.
Also offering expert photo editing, culling, scanning of your priceless memories

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