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Sunil has been speaking since 1991 to audiences large and small. He brings the rare personality type of “Idealist Champion” to the stage, meaning he can connect with a wide variety of audiences. From the keynote speaker position, to conferences, conventions, panels, and brainstorming sessions, Sunil guides business owners through the big picture. He can nimbly think on his feet while showing others how to follow suit. 

He brings a unique perspective to the stage, leaving behind the technical nitty gritty. Sunil encourages those who are ready, to breakthrough and move past their plateaus. 

Sunil is the author of 3 books, speaks to an audience of 200,000 weekly, and has two degrees in both computer science and electrical engineering. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to those whom he speaks.

Sunil Bhaskaran transformational business workshop

Speaking Topics

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Own Your Brand – Get the Results You Want From Marketing
Sunil Bhaskaran business coach logomark red
Time Management to Joy Management – Your calendar expressing momentum, success, breakthroughs and happiness
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Joyful Sales Conversations – Foundations to have conversations that create commitment and income
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Own Your Power – Foundations to Positioning You as an Influential Leader in Business & Your Community

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1. Do you speak on other topics?Expand Yes, mostly to do with almost any aspect of the following:
a. Small Business
b. Leadership
c. Team Building
d. Personal transformative growth and development.
Please reach out on the form on this page to clarify. 2. Are you comfortable engaging and interacting with the audience?Expand Yes. Most of my speaking is done in engaging the audience in interactive manners. A common feedback I get is that the time goes by quickly and seamlessly – as I keep people engaged and intrigued.


sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Ann Johnson

Ann Johnson, Professional Convention Management Association, Associate Director of Programs
“The session resonated with so many event attendees that we reached capacity in the session room and had to overflow the presentation to another seating area via video feed.”

sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Avi Gingold

Avi Gingold, Silicon Valley – International Business Connector
“Sunil is a great speaker and business coach. His commitment is authentic and inspiring.
Sunil’s experience and knowledge is invaluable in generating measurable results. His presentations are dynamic, versatile and engaging.
I highly recommend him for speaking engagement, seminars and workshops.”

sunil bhaskaran illuminating your path Karis Tang

Karis Tang, Karis Consulting
“Sunil is a wonderful speaker. He has an impressive background in leadership and team building, business coaching and efficiently taking clients from cash flow poor to cash flow positive in a very short amount of time. Sunil is witty and has experience speaking to all group sizes. Rest assured that no matter the size of your group, every participant will feel heard, and get individual attention. With many topics under his belt, Sunil’s ability to speak on business, leadership and especially brain science is fabulous. Everyone who hears Sunil speak gets tremendous value out of his teachings.”

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