6 Surefire Ways to Stay Inspired and Take Action in Your Business

If your business isn’t inspiring you on the daily, follow these six steps to stay inspired and take action in your business.

Short and sweet steps to staying inspired and in action:

1. Stay Inspired and Take Action: Create A Short Mission Statement That Keeps You Anchored

Create a short mission statement for yourself or your company if you don’t have one. If you do have one but don’t remember or don’t use it daily, create a new one.


  • Come up with a list of 20 words or phrases that inspire you.  
  • Select the best 10 out of this list.  
  • Craft a draft set of three sentences maximum based on this shortlist.

Don’t try to get this perfect.  Review it daily to get it perfect.

2. Stay Inspired and Take Action: Ask the Simple Future-Based Question When Stuck

Even if you do not have a mission statement, ask yourself every time you get stuck; is what you are about to do or choose something that will further your future as best as you can see or set yourself back.  This may not have a straightforward answer, but just inquiring daily or as frequently as you can, will begin to train you to look more towards the future than more towards the past.

3. Stay Inspired and Take Action: Plan Ahead

Make it a practice to plan out the next week every Friday.  This sets the positive tone for the following week despite whatever setbacks or successes you may have this week.

4. Stay Inspired and Take Action: Plan Long Term

Plan out the next 3 months in a simple way. Start by looking for what are the top 3-4 objectives you want to focus on for the following three months.

5. Stay Inspired and Take Action: Create Systems for Dialogue with People You Trust

Identify at least three people in your life who would listen to you without judgment but would give you realistic feedback based on what you want and need and what your goals are.

Set up times to talk with them once a week – make it light or according to your style – e.g. if you are more sociable, have the occasion for the discussion be over coffee.

6. Stay Inspired and Take Action: Look for the wins

At the end of every day and week, look for how you moved forward as well as how you can improve.  This creates balance in your self-assessment.

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