5 Epic Ways to Think Like a Trillionaire

Not that money is everything. It isn’t. But it doesn’t hurt to think like a trillionaire.

There is very little correlation between people having lots of money and happiness.

However, that does not negate the ambition of making more money for yourself and your family.

How do you feel happy, generally optimistic, and in flow (like most people imagine trillionaires would feel)?

1. Think like a trillionaire: Start believing in your ability to create an idea and bring it to reality

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.

Henry Ford

I think the worse failure could be the failure to imagine a better life.

The second failure could be not taking the steps to make that better life a reality.

There are people on this planet who do not have the bandwidth to think of a better life – wars, gangs, danger, lack of assistance, corruption, etc. are strong barriers to people imagining anything better.

But for the rest of us, could we take on imagination as a muscle to develop just like muscles in our body?

Could today be the first step in you declaring a new dream worth exploring and making real?

2. Think like a trillionaire: Combine reality and optimism

Being optimistic is not the same as being a Polyanna – blindly optimistic with no sense of reality.

Winning World War 2 meant an alliance between the allies and harsh Soviet Russia – that was the reality that had to be faced.

Having a breakthrough in business means learning all the complexities involved – negotiations, sales, marketing, managing, leading, financial management, etc. – no easy task.

We tend to be optimistic. This tendency is called the Optimism Bias – we tend to believe bad things happen to others but not to us.

This optimism may be genetic – we need this optimism to be able to go beyond danger into an opportunity to survive and do better. We need this optimism to stave off depression.

But we can balance this bias with looking at what is real and needed to make our ideas a reality.

3. Think like a trillionaire: Put your eye on the future

Create or imagine a future, goal, or mission that you feel is doable and a little bit of a stretch to start with.

Spend more time daily thinking and planning for this eventuality vs. worrying about the past.

4. Think like a trillionaire: Incremental steps to breakthrough

Recognize that every day, taking a small step here and there will end up in huge goals being achieved over time.

When my business partner Bill and I individually started our meetups, we had almost nobody attending our meetups and very few people joining.

Today, we get an average of 750 to 1000 members a month joining. But it took time to develop.

Patience with yourself and daily attention is the key.

Tending a garden is similar – you do a little bit here and there for each plant and you watch them grow and combine into a beautiful thriving alive, self-perpetuating garden.

5. Think like a trillionaire: The number one practice for happiness

If you find yourself worried about one or more things – Find at least 5 times the number of things you worry about to feel gratitude for.

This practice has been researched well and I have used it myself – it works if you do it as a practice.
There are 7 billion people on earth and trillions of places I have yet to see and explore and octillions of ideas that have yet to see the light of day.

Why worry about one thing?

What one thing will you start doing today that will help you think and feel more like a trillionaire? Share in the comments below!

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1 thought on “5 Epic Ways to Think Like a Trillionaire”

  1. Making monthly goals can help you achieve more than just making an intention of working better. Numbers and pictures make a difference. However, what make me more passionate is adding a goal bigger than myself that is doable and make me feel more worthwhile.
    Everyday I pray to hear the voice within whom I need to share my talent skill and resource to make a difference in their life one person at a time.
    Whether my client who needs extra guidance in making complex decision, a friend asking for prayer from FB due to health and family issues or a family who needs assistance to keep the fire burning.


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