40 Inspirational Time Management Questions Essential to Getting What You Want Most

Our time on this earth is finite.  Perhaps the meaning of life overall is to have each moment give birth to something meaningful – something worthwhile to leave behind or to remember before our last breath. This post includes 40 time management questions to help you frame your desires and go after what you REALLY want.

My intention here is not to be morbid – but to discuss a more intriguing and valuable point about urgency, meaningfulness, and perhaps a legacy for your life.

I talk to an average of 30 – 40 people a week – usually more. 

Most of these conversations are very intimate – not romantically intimate – but intimate in the sense of what people are committed to in their lives, businesses, and relationships with others. 

Every moment of these conversations is precious – rich in-depth, meaning, and impact.  They are transformational and transcendent in small and big ways.

Transform Your Business and Your Life with these Time Management Questions

What if every moment that you lived was an act of deep meaningfulness to you – transcendent and transformative?

Would that give you a different relationship with time?

You have probably experienced this at some point i.e. the transcendent, the transformative, or the deep meaning. 

It may have been a great conversation with your spouse, lover, child, sibling, or close friend. 

It may have been a moment of deep connection romantically or it could have been a moment when you were in Ireland by the Irish Sea – by a church admiring stark beauty against a lonely, quiet and desolate background – with the sun shining through some dark clouds – just upon you.

You may argue that this kind of life is only for poets and maybe unrealistic. 

I argue back – does that make your life devoid of poetry and life? 

Would it be prudent to commit to such a life devoid of artistry and aliveness or depth?

Or would it be more prudent to commit to a life that gives you your style of poetic reward – be it in the form of small recognitions, acknowledgments, activities, and experiences – minor or major?

Maybe you remember a time when life had more quality?

Perhaps when you were young?

Perhaps when you had more choices (or at least it seemed like you did)? 

Maybe a time when you were rushing to get things done before you left on vacation? 

What do you see when you contrast that time with the day before you had to return from your vacation – what was different between those two times?

Maybe time has less to do with a clicking of the clock – less to do with the hour and minute hand of the clock and far less to do with the calendar that you overuse or underuse?

Maybe true mastery over your time begins with you declaring or stating what you want to use your time for – really? 

‘Really’ is the keyword: really and realistically – in the sense that you are willing to invest your energy and life into something – what would be worth devoting a time block to that would leave you with this deep meaning at the end?

After all, we all talk about having a balanced life: how many of us are willing to invest time and energy to make a balanced life a reality?

If you’re ready to step into your true purpose and ask difficult time management questions, contact me or follow me on LinkedIn.

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